AllenNLP Startup Guide

yasufumy, updated 🕥 2022-12-10 06:11:08

A gentle guild to starting your NLP project with AllenNLP


  • Pipenv


bash git clone cd allennlp_imdb pipenv install pipenv shell


There is a post about this repository: Click this link

Running on Colab

Running on CPU:

bash allennlp train \ --include-package allennlp_imdb \ -s /path/to/serialization \ training_config/base_cpu.jsonnet

Running on GPU:

bash allennlp train \ --include-package allennlp_imdb \ -s /path/to/serialization \ -o '{"trainer": {"cuda_device": 0}}' \ training_config/base_cpu.jsonnet

Creating your own configuration file:

allennlp configure --include-package allennlp_imdb


allennlp version

opened on 2020-09-15 13:51:08 by Mayar2009

Hi! thanks for information but I noticed that the version of used allennlp library was not mentioned It would be very helpful if we know this information

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