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LGBTQ of the Day Bot made-with-python & Tweepy

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Share goofiness in regards to LGBTQ labels, then have a follow up tweet to define the label. Also have a "this day in queer history" set of tweets

Screenshot of tweets: "today's queerness is a high af genderqueer Sega" "today's queerness is a biromatic flannel shirt" "today's queerness is a blobby demigirl N64"


If you would like to contribute, feel free to make a pull request.

First time? I suggest starting with adding some nouns to Check out issue #4 to add adjectives for more details.

If you need more of a step-by-step, skim through this article about making your first contribution.

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Why are you doing it like this?

I could streamline this bot a lot by using Wordnik API or txt files as input. However, one of the goals of this bot is to help Code Newbies get their first open source contributions. I want people to have the chance to make simple changes while actually learning the process of how git is working.


add two historical events from December

opened on 2023-02-16 01:45:23 by mramirez92

In December 2022, the courts ruled Barbados' laws against buggery and "gross indecency" were unconstitutional and struck them from the Sexual Offences Act.

President Biden Signs the Respect For Marriage Act

Added Subculture labels

opened on 2023-02-07 05:16:37 by ranbir7

Related Issue #12

Enhancement: Create formal docs

opened on 2022-11-24 18:18:26 by a2937

It should be a lot better than using the to generate your page.

However this is a work in progress because I want more input on how you want it to look.

Closes #266

Suggest to loosen the dependency on tweepy

opened on 2022-11-20 15:22:16 by Agnes-U

Dear developers,

Your project LGBTQ-of-the-day-bot requires "tweepy==3.9.0" in its dependency. After analyzing the source code, we found that the following versions of tweepy can also be suitable without affecting your project, i.e., tweepy 3.10.0. Therefore, we suggest to loosen the dependency on tweepy from "tweepy==3.9.0" to "tweepy>=3.9.0,<=3.10.0" to avoid any possible conflict for importing more packages or for downstream projects that may use ddos_script.

May I pull a request to further loosen the dependency on tweepy?

By the way, could you please tell us whether such dependency analysis may be potentially helpful for maintaining dependencies easier during your development?


Your project (commit id: 6767b41cd3d17f64bbe4af6367f3ae2a7fb9125c) directly uses 3 APIs from package tweepy.

tweepy.api.API.__init__, tweepy.auth.OAuthHandler.__init__, tweepy.auth.OAuthHandler.set_access_token

Beginning fromwhich, 1 functions are then indirectly called, including 0 tweepy's internal APIs and 1 outsider APIs as follows: [/VickiLanger/LGBTQ-of-the-day-bot] +--tweepy.api.API.__init__ | +--tweepy.parsers.ModelParser.__init__ +--tweepy.auth.OAuthHandler.__init__ | +--requests_oauthlib.OAuth1Session +--tweepy.auth.OAuthHandler.set_access_token

Since all these functions have not been changed between any version for package "tweepy" from [3.10.0] and 3.9.0. Therefore, we believe it is safe to loosen the corresponding dependency.


opened on 2022-06-16 21:44:26 by wildwoodwaltz

Some simple changes, and addition of historical events.

opened on 2021-07-05 15:03:06 by geekboi777

I have mentioned the problem in the commented part of the code

basically the key was storing whole "YYYY-MM-DD"

so while checking and storing in history of events you needed to check and store key[5:]

Hope it helps!


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