Your own movie streaming service. Easy to install, easy to use. Download, manage and watch your favorite movies conveniently from your browser or phone. Install it on your server, access it anywhere and enjoy.

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Your own movie streaming service. Easy to install, easy to use. Download, manage and watch your favorite movies conveniently from your browser or phone. Install it on your server, access it anywhere and enjoy.

📺 Demo

You can find a live demo with limited functionality here:\

📄 Installation & Documentation

Head to the documentation to find the instructions on how to install here:\

🔥 Quick Installation

For detailed info, go to documentation.

git clone

cd vigilio

docker-compose up -d

Go to http://localhost:8000 \ Default username: admin \ Default password: adminadmin

✨ Screenshots

main page

movie details page

search page

👍 Features

  • Easy to install.
  • Automated movie info, imdb score, image, genre, subtitle downloading.
  • Continue movie feature.
  • My list feature that you can add and remove your movies.
  • Fully featured video player with subtitle and video quality options.
  • Video player supports PIP (Picture in picture) feature.
  • Search movies via different sources and add them with one click.
  • Add movies manually by providing a source and imdb ID.
  • Control background processes.
  • Force start, start, pause, delete qbittorrent entries.
  • View and cancel background processes (subtitle downloads, movie information fetcher, video processor)

❤ License

MIT License


Add ability to chromecast

opened on 2021-04-06 19:02:58 by tugcanolgun

Adding chromecast plugin to videojs could be very beneficial.

The following library is one of many:

File location: templates/stream/watch.html

Find the movie in search sources when movie search finds no movie

opened on 2021-04-06 18:53:16 by tugcanolgun

When users search existing movies via the search bar on the top and no movie is found, the movie should also be searched via the existing search sources. The results should be presented to easily add a movie to vigilio.

Sources are called MudSource and located at panel/

Search api is called MoviesEndpoint and located at stream/api/

Frontend part of it is located at frontend/src/stream/search/index.js.

Scan existing movies

opened on 2021-04-06 18:48:13 by tugcanolgun

This issue is tied to (#10), shouldn't be complete before that issue.

A feature should be added to scan all existing movies, including the user's movies and given a list to add found movies to vigilio.



  1. Scan the media folder.
  2. Filter the folders that does not contain a valid video.
  3. Filter the folders that already exists on vigilio
  4. Return the list of folders/files.


  1. Should receive each movie separately with the full path to the file and an imdb id.
  2. Should acquire movie info, convert the movie file, download subtitles (feature already exists)


  • A scan movies button that would make a request to the backend.
  • Should list all the folder that is found.
  • Upon selecting a movie, a search bar should be presented to enter imdb id (preferably, the user should be able to enter the movie's title and choose the correct movie and imdb id should be acquired)
  • Add button should be added.
  • Optional: Add multiple movies at once option could be beneficial.

Add database dump for each movie

opened on 2021-04-06 18:41:01 by tugcanolgun

Right after a download for a given movie is finished and the folder is initiated, write a dump of the info for this movie into a reusable file inside this folder. This will be used to scan movies feature. So if for some reason a user re-installs vigilio, there would be no need to redownload the movies or add movie details by hand.

Feature should include: - Movie database object - MovieContent database object - MovieSubtitles database object

Add get movie info functionality

opened on 2021-04-06 18:36:37 by tugcanolgun

A way to download movie info again, with the choice of changing the movie's imdb id should be added.

back-end An api in panel/api should be added. It will recieve both the database movie object's id and an optional imdb id and repopulate the database instance.

front-end Update movie info option should be added to movie details page.

Eventually, redownload movie info (such as the redownload subtitles function) should be added to the settings. (out of the scope of this issue)

Deleting critical files is not deleting the database entries

opened on 2021-04-06 15:18:26 by tugcanolgun

In movie details page, users can delete files in the movie folders. If a marked critical file is selected to be deleted, the back-end is not deleting the database entry for that given file. This creates the problem where the said movie details page always shows that there are missing files.

Temporary workaround As the issue still there, users can delete the said files from their admin panels.

Required solution Front-end should send isCritical information along side with the file path when deleting the files. The back-end should search the said file in the database and delete it.

Better approach Instead of searching the database for a file, id and table of the file could be sent for optimization.


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