Ansible integration of CheckMK

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Ansible roles and modules

This project is archived!

We archived this project in favor of our very own official Ansible Collection. We are confident, that it will deliver just as much value, as this project, while being up-to-date with the Ansible ecosystem.
See you on the other side!

Original README

checkmk already provides the needed APIs to automate the basic configuration of your monitoring. With this project we want to create and share roles and modules of ansible to simplify your first steps with ansible in combination with checkmk.

Getting started

At the beginning this project contains a simple playbook as an example, a hosts.ini and the needed roles to execute this playbook. Things to do for the first test run: * In each role: adjust the defaults, if needed. At the moment you still need to set the checkmk version manually. * In the host.ini: Fill it with your hosts and remove the examples * In the playbook: Find the tags to run the roles you want

Execute your playbook with a bunch of testhosts:

ansible-playbook -i hosts.ini ansible-example.yml --tags all

Further information to each role

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The Checkmk company

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