Surface Mesh Healing Tools Add-on for Blender

tkeskita, updated 🕥 2023-02-17 12:20:33

Mesh Heal add-on for Blender


Mesh Heal is an add-on for Blender. It includes additional Blender operators for healing surface meshes. By default, Blender contains many routines that are meant for these tasks, e.g. tools in the 3D-Print Toolbox add-on. Unfortunately, Blender’s default routines don’t always produce good results in some difficult cases. Specifically, I run into problems when I was trying to convert non-manifold isosurfaces into manifold surfaces with consistent face normals appropriate for volumetric rendering.

Add-on was last tested with Blender LTS 3.3.


Documentation (made using Sphinx) is located in docs directory of the sources and is viewable online at


Please report issues at github.

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Tuomo Keskitalo
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