🦾 A bot that generates followers, likes, views, shares and comment likes

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TikTok Bot

⚠️ Note: this is an old version of the script and has not been updated. You may face a lot of bugs and errors. A new stable version is in the making.


  • Python 3.x
  • Have chromedriver in the root directory (chromedriver version must be the same as your chrome browser version)
  • Install the required modules

    pip install -r requirements.txt

If you are not on Windows

If you are not using windows, open the main.py file using any text editor, go down to line 244 and follow the instruction

How to use

  1. Run the main.py file
  2. Wait till the chromedriver opens, and solve the captcha
  3. Minimize the chromedriver and continue working while the bot do its job


  • This tool is for educational purposes only
  • Do not use it for illegal work or without the consent of the tiktok account owner
  • I am not responsible for any action taken using this script
  • I am not responsible for any damage of any kind for using this script


Hello, I need help. I am unable to run the code can you please help me in doing that

opened on 2023-02-10 05:35:21 by anonymous-andrew

I have downloaded python, webdriver, vs code. But , i dont know how to setup them . please help me int that.

Simon Farah

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