Patch-wise iterative attack (accepted by ECCV 2020) to improve the transferability of adversarial examples.

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Patch-wise Iterative Attack (accpeted by ECCV2020)

This is the Tensorflow code for our paper Patch-wise Attack for Fooling Deep Neural Network, and Pytorch version can be found at here.

In our paper, we propose a novel Patch-wise Iterative Method by using the amplification factor and guiding gradient to its feasible direction. Comparing with state-of-the-art attacks, we further improve the success rate by 3.7\% for normally trained models and 9.1\% for defense models on average. We hope that the proposed methods will serve as a benchmark for evaluating the robustness of various deep models and defense methods.

In targeted attack case, we extend our Patch-wise iterative method to Patch-wise++ iterative method. More details can be found from here.


python python

  • The output images are in "output/"



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