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Records of Attendance in committees is available in minutes

opened on 2017-08-30 16:53:17 by stef


add a dump with only active meps and without the changelog

opened on 2014-09-29 16:16:35 by tttp

Dear Santa, I don't care about the changelog, nor do I care about the non active meps.

Can you add that to your daily cron? $ jq "map(select(.active))|.[] | del(.changes)" ep_meps_current.json > ep_mep_active.json

(needs jq, but jq is good for you) or, if you want to avoid the json being pretty $jq -c "map(select(.active))|.[] | del(.changes)" ep_meps_current.json > ep_mep_active.json

@stef If you add it, I give you a beer tonight. Do we have a deal?


notification of changes in the schema

opened on 2014-07-28 09:52:43 by tttp

@stef What's the proper way to stay informed if the schema change (assuming you know it). eg issue #14 were the country moved from Constituency to group.

I understand you can't always prevent changing the schema, but would be really really useful to be able to be informed when it changes (eg. to avoid me realising that my code didn't properly test if the country was missing and happily generated fubar records that I spent quite a bit of time tracking down when the problem popped up several steps further down my chain of transformations.