Python NZ COVID Pass Verifier/Generator

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Python NZ COVID Pass Verifier/Generator

This is quick proof of concept verifier I coded up in a few hours using various libraries to parse and generate QR codes in the NZ COVID Pass format.

Important note: I don't know anything about CWT or CBOR and I'm using libraries that perform cryptographic functions that I haven't vetted. Do not use this code for anything other than learning and experimentation.


$ sudo apt-get install python3-zbar $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt


docker build -t nzcovidpass . docker run -v $(pwd):/app/qr --rm nzcovidpass --qrcode-file /app/qr/Image.jpg


Verify NZ COVID Pass

``` usage: [-h] --qrcode-file QRCODE_FILE [--did-file DID_FILE]

NZ COVID Pass Verifier.

required arguments: --qrcode-file QRCODE_FILE file name containing NZ COVID pass QR code

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --did-file DID_FILE file name containing DID with verification keys ```

Supply a QR code filename and optional DID document containing verification keys, if you omit a DID document the official Ministry of Health verification keys will be used.

You can try with the sample QR codes provided:

``` $ python3 --qrcode-file examples/moh/valid/nzcp.png --did-file examples/moh/valid/did.json

iss: nbf: 2021-11-02 20:05:30+00:00 exp: 2031-11-02 20:05:30+00:00 vc: '@context': - - credentialSubject: dob: '1960-04-16' familyName: Sparrow givenName: Jack type: - VerifiableCredential - PublicCovidPass version: 1.0.0 jti: urn:uuid:60a4f54d-4e30-4332-be33-ad78b1eafa4b ```

Generate NZ COVID Pass

``` usage: [-h] --signing-key-file SIGNING_KEY_FILE --qrcode-file QRCODE_FILE --dob DOB --given-name GIVEN_NAME --family-name FAMILY_NAME [--validity VALIDITY]

NZ COVID Pass Generator.

required arguments: --signing-key-file SIGNING_KEY_FILE filename containing private signing key in JWK format --qrcode-file QRCODE_FILE filename where QR code should be saved --dob DOB date of birth for COVID Pass --given-name GIVEN_NAME given name for COVID Pass --family-name FAMILY_NAME family name for COVID Pass

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --validity VALIDITY validity of NZ COVID Pass in days, default: 365 ```


python3 \ --dob "1986-07-14" --given-name "SpongeBob" --family-name "SquarePants" \ --signing-key-file examples/mine/private_signing_key.json \ --qrcode-file examples/mine/spongebob-squarepants.png

Generate Private Signing Key

``` usage: [-h] [--kid KID] --private-key-file PRIVATE_KEY_FILE --did-file DID_FILE

NZ COVID Pass Generate Key.

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --kid KID key id to assign to the generated key --private-key-file PRIVATE_KEY_FILE file name to save private key --did-file DID_FILE file name to save DID document ```

Example: $ python3 --private-key-file ./examples/p256/private_key.json --did-file examples/p256/did.json $ python3 --signing-key-file ./examples/p256/private_key.json --qrcode-file ./examples/p256/patrick_star.png --dob 1960-04-16 --given-name Patrick --family-name Star $ python3 --qrcode-file ./examples/p256/patrick_star.png --did-file ./examples/p256/did.json

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