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Scale-Out Computing on AWS - HPC made easy :palm_tree:

:book: Documentation

:rocket: How to install Scale-Out Computing on AWS

Refer to for installation instructions.

:pencil2: File Structure

Scale-Out Computing on AWS project consists in a collection of CloudFormation templates, Shell scripts and Python code. ```bash . ├── soca │ ├── cluster_analytics [ Scripts to ingest cluster/job data into ELK ] │ ├── cluster_hooks [ Scheduler Hooks ] │ ├── cluster_logs_management [ Scripts to manage cluster log rotation ] │ ├── cluster_manager [ Scripts to control Soca cluster ] │ ├── cluster_web_ui [ Web Interface ] │ └── cluster_node_bootstrap [ Script to configure compute nodes] └── scripts ├── config.cfg [ List of all packages to install ] ├── [ Configure Schedule Node ] └── [ Post Reboot Scheduler Node actions ]


This solution collects anonymous operational metrics to help AWS improve the quality of features of the solution. For more information, including how to disable this capability, please see the

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