Sentinel-1 SAR time series analysis for OSINT use

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Sentinel-1 SAR time series analysis for OSINT use.



Generates a time lapse GIF of the Sentinel-1 satellite images for the location and date range specified.

Getting Started


  • Python 3.9
  • conda: The installation script that installs the dependencies needs to use both conda and pip to fetch the required dependencies, so please use conda and create a new conda virtual environment.

Installing Package Dependencies

  1. Create the conda environment. This will install all necessary package dependencies too.

shell conda env create -f environment.yml

  1. Activate the conda environment created.

shell conda activate SARveillance-conda-env

To Run

As a webapp hosted locally

shell streamlit run

As a command line tool

Run the script. This will generate the time lapse GIF for the location and date range specified and save it to the output folder specified.

shell python selected_base_name selected_start_date selected_end_date output_foldername The location of the generated GIF file within the output folder specified is returned when the script is finished running. Note: The script will take more time for longer date ranges.


shell python Novorossiysk 2021-12-01 2021-12-31 Novorossiysk_dec2021

Valid base names: Lesnovka, Klintsy, Unecha, Klimovo Air Base, Yelnya, Kursk, Pogonovo training ground, Valuyki, Soloti, Opuk, Bakhchysarai, Novoozerne, Dzhankoi, Novorossiysk, Raevskaya

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