Cross-Descriptor Visual Localization and Mapping

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Cross-Descriptor Visual Localization and Mapping

This repository contains the implementation of the following paper:

text "Cross-Descriptor Visual Localization and Mapping". M. Dusmanu, O. Miksik, J.L. Schönberger, and M. Pollefeys. ICCV 2021.

[Paper on arXiv]



We use COLMAP for DoG keypoint extraction as well as localization and mapping. Please follow the installation instructions available on the official webpage. Before proceeding, we recommend setting an environmental variable to the COLMAP executable folder by running export COLMAP_PATH=path_to_colmap_executable_folder.


The environment can be set up directly using conda: conda env create -f env.yml conda activate cross-descriptor-vis-loc-map

Training data

We provide a script for downloading the raw training data: bash scripts/

Evaluation data

We provide a script for downloading the LFE dataset along with the GT used for evaluation as well as the Aachen Day-Night dataset: bash scripts/


Data preprocessing

First step is extracting keypoints and descriptors on the training data downloaded above. bash scripts/ Alternatively, you can directly download the processed training data by running: bash scripts/


To run training with the default architecture and hyper-parameters, execute the following: python \ --dataset_path data/train/colmap \ --features brief sift-kornia hardnet sosnet

Pretrained models

We provide two pretrained models trained on descriptors extracted from COLMAP SIFT and OpenCV SIFT keypoints, respectively. These models can be downloaded by running: bash scripts/


Demo Notebook

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Local Feature Evaluation Benchmark

Click for details... First step is extracting descriptors on all datasets: ``` bash scripts/ ``` We provide examples below for running reconstruction on Madrid Metrpolis in each different evaluation scenario. #### Reconstruction using a single descriptor (standard) ``` python local-feature-evaluation/ \ --dataset_path data/eval/LFE-release/Madrid_Metropolis \ --colmap_path $COLMAP_PATH \ --features sift-kornia \ --exp_name sift-kornia-single ``` #### Reconstruction using the progressive approach (ours) ``` python local-feature-evaluation/ \ --dataset_path data/eval/LFE-release/Madrid_Metropolis \ --colmap_path $COLMAP_PATH \ --features brief sift-kornia hardnet sosnet \ --exp_name progressive ``` #### Reconstruction using the joint embedding approach (ours) ``` python local-feature-evaluation/ \ --dataset_path data/eval/LFE-release/Madrid_Metropolis \ --colmap_path $COLMAP_PATH \ --features brief sift-kornia hardnet sosnet \ --exp_name embed ``` #### Reconstruction using a single descriptor on the associated split (real-world) ``` python local-feature-evaluation/ \ --dataset_path data/eval/LFE-release/Madrid_Metropolis/ \ --colmap_path $COLMAP_PATH \ --features brief sift-kornia hardnet sosnet \ --feature sift-kornia \ --exp_name sift-kornia-subset ``` #### Evaluation of a reconstruction w.r.t. metric pseudo-ground-truth ``` python local-feature-evaluation/ \ --colmap_path $COLMAP_PATH \ --reference_model_path data/eval/LFE-release/Madrid_Metropolis/sparse-reference/filtered-metric/ \ --model_path data/eval/LFE-release/Madrid_Metropolis/sparse-sift-kornia-single/0/ ```

Aachen Day-Night

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If you use this code in your project, please cite the following paper: @InProceedings{Dusmanu2021Cross, author = {Dusmanu, Mihai and Miksik, Ondrej and Sch\"onberger, Johannes L. and Pollefeys, Marc}, title = {{Cross Descriptor Visual Localization and Mapping}}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Vision}, year = {2021} }


Question about the feature convertion

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Dear Professor: Thanks for your wonderful work. However, there are a question which bothering me a lot. Is it possible to use this algorithm to transform the vgg feature descriptor to the SIFT descriptor? Yours

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