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MIT License


Python C++ CMake ROS

This package contains a mutlipurpose four-wheeled skid-steer drive robot equipped with sensors such as IntelRealSense D435 Depth Camera, LiDAR, Ultrasonics, GPS, IMU, Magnetometer and a pair of cameras.


  • Obstacle Avoidance with soft turning using pcl processing (passthrough + voxel + RANSAC + euclidean clustering + centroidal analysis).

  • Detection of slope angle and ditch depth by using a sonar panel.

  • Dynamic traversal using GPS and IMU to reach desired location along with sonar obstacle avoidance.

  • Ability of localisation by using two independent EKFs.

  • Teleoperation with respect to waypoints/time by path smoothening.

  • Alvar Gate Traversal.

  • Tennis Ball Detection.

  • Fully integrated with move_base:

  • Custom Global Planner:

  • Traffic Light Model:



  • Install all the required ROS related dependencies:

    rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src -r -y

  • To install all python related dependencies:

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  • To install all Mapviz related dependencies:


  • For basic bot simulation:

    roslaunch atreus xacro.launch


  • To add an additional python dependency to the list, modify requirements.in and add a trailing library to the file. After which you need to install the following dependencies in order to use pip-compile:

    pip install pip-tools launchpadlib

  • Finally use pip-compile to generate a requirements.txt file from requirements.in:

    pip-compile requirements.in


  • Run the following command if the traffic light does not glow red:


  • Run the following commands if the map cache in mapviz does not appear.
    Based on the errors displayed, correspondingly run the commands and then launch mapviz:

1) ERROR: 1 or ERROR: 203

   sudo docker run -p 8080:8080 -d -t -v ~/mapproxy:/mapproxy danielsnider/mapproxy

2) ERROR: 2 or ERROR: 401

   sudo docker container ls

   sudo docker stop {container id}

   sudo docker run -p 8080:8080 -d -t -v ~/mapproxy:/mapproxy danielsnider/mapproxy

3) ERROR: 302

   Configured correctly. Poor internet connection.
Leander Stephen D'Souza

An experienced AI member of an emerging Rover Development Team. Skilled in ROS, Gazebo, Python, C++, RPi and Arduino. Pursuing BTech in Mechatronics in MIT.

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