REPLAPI module. Based off of RayhanADev's module made in node.js.

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Made by @JBYT27 & @darkdarcool



|Manager |Command | |:----------------|:----------------------------------------------| |**pip** |$`pip install REPLAPI` | |**poetry** |`python -m poetry add REPLAPI` | |**** |Search `REPLAPI` in the package tab and add it.|


If you want to contribute to `REPLAPI`, please leave and issue or pull request! We will always(jk lol) do our best to get to it(or get to it at some point). We won't invite you to the repo, or the repl, but we ❤️ your contributions to the project! If you plan on making your own replapi, please don't fork out project and start there(or just plain plagerize). Please build it from the ground up! We will star it project and help you if you ever need it!


Special thanks to @RayhanADev for inspiring and helping with this project!

This is the docs link


Version 0.0.6 2021-03-30 16:33:06

ReplAPI 0.0.6!


It's out ladies and gentlemen!

Faster speed! More options!

What's New?

We have added most recent language support, it returns the data in a list which can be used in a better way rather than all of them being printed at the same time! We also have started using graphql so we have faster speeds! While there is a little delay, you can run ALL of out commands now at the same speed as one in the last version!


This is a beta release for this version. We are testing out a lot of features! Feel free to give feedback! Thanks!

Version 0.0.3 2021-03-25 20:35:43

Version 0.0.3

This is the beta post version! The PyPI download links are below.

You can also use

bash $ pip install REPLAPI

To install it, or search REPLAPI in the replit package tab, and add it there.

For usage, look at the readme on the main page of the repo

Please leave any suggestions, comment, or glitches/errors in an issue, and if you have an idea or know how to fix an issue, leave a pull request!


Beta Release! 2021-03-22 15:20:34

Beta Release!

This is a beta release that is just for testing, there are plenty or errors and it it pretty slow, but in a way it works!

We decided to put it in beta and we are asking you to help us test!

Please put your feedback in an issue called feedback!!

kokonut <3

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