A Flask Boilerplate to quickly get started with production-grade flask application. It has some additional packages pre-configured for ease of development.

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Flask Boilerplate

The MIT License

Flask Boilerplate to quickly get started with production grade flask application with some additional packages and configuration prebuilt.

You can find an in-depth article on this implementation here.


We encourage you to contribute to Flask Boilerplate! Please check out the Contributing guidelines about how to proceed.

Getting Started


  • Python 3.9.2 or higher
  • Up and running Redis client

Project setup


clone the repo

$ git clone https://github.com/idris-rampurawala/flask-boilerplate.git

move to the project folder

$ cd flask-boilerplate If you want to install redis via dockersh $ docker run -d --name="flask-boilerplate-redis" -p 6379:6379 redis ```

Creating virtual environment

  • Install pipenv a global python project pip install pipenv
  • Create a virtual environment for this project ```shell

creating pipenv environment for python 3

$ pipenv --three

activating the pipenv environment

$ pipenv shell

install all dependencies (include -d for installing dev dependencies)

$ pipenv install -d

if you have multiple python 3 versions installed then

$ pipenv install -d --python 3.9 ```


  • There are 3 configurations development, staging and production in config.py. Default is development
  • Create a .env file from .env.example and set appropriate environment variables before running the project

Running app

  • Run flask app python run.py
  • Logs would be generated under log folder

Running celery workers

  • Run redis locally before running celery worker
  • Celery worker can be started with following command ```sh

run following command in a separate terminal

$ celery -A celery_worker.celery worker --loglevel='INFO'

(append --pool=solo for windows)


Preconfigured Packages

Includes preconfigured packages to kick start flask app by just setting appropriate configuration.

| Package | Usage | |----- |----- | | celery | Running background tasks | | redis | A Python Redis client for caching | | flask-cors | Configuring CORS | | python-dotenv | Reads the key-value pair from .env file and adds them to environment variable. | | marshmallow | A package for creating Schema, serialization, deserialization | | webargs | A Python library for parsing and validating HTTP request objects |

autopep8 & flake8 as dev packages for linting and formatting


Test if this app has been installed correctly and it is working via following curl commands (or use in Postman) - Check if the app is running via status API shell $ curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost:5000/status' - Check if core app API and celery task is working via shell $ curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost:5000/api/v1/core/test' - Check if authorization is working via (change API Key as per you .env) shell $ curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost:5000/api/v1/core/restricted' --header 'x-api-key: 436236939443955C11494D448451F'


This program is free software under MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file in our repository for the full text.


Bump redis from 4.4.2 to 4.5.3

opened on 2023-03-27 21:39:02 by dependabot[bot]

Bumps redis from 4.4.2 to 4.5.3.

Release notes

Sourced from redis's releases.



Update urgency: HIGH: There is a critical bug that may affect a subset of users. Upgrade!

🐛 Bug Fixes



🚀 New Features

  • Introduce AbstractConnection so that UnixDomainSocketConnection can call super().init (#2588)
  • Added queue_class to REDIS_ALLOWED_KEYS (#2577)
  • Made search document subscriptable (#2615)
  • Sped up the protocol parsing (#2596)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix behaviour of async PythonParser to match RedisParser as for issue #2349 (#2582)
  • Replace async_timeout by asyncio.timeout (#2602)
  • Update json().arrindex() default values (#2611)

🧰 Maintenance

  • Coverage for pypy-3.9 (#2608)
  • Developer Experience: Adding redis version compatibility details to the README (#2621)
  • Remove redundant assignment to RedisCluster.nodes_manager. (#2620)
  • Developer Experience: [types] update return type of smismember to list[int] (#2617)
  • Developer Experience: [docs] ConnectionPool SSL example (#2605)
  • Developer Experience: Fixed CredentialsProvider examples (#2587)
  • Developer Experience: Update README to make pip install copy-pastable on zsh (#2584)
  • Developer Experience: Fix for lpop and rpop return typing (#2590)


We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

@​CrimsonGlory, @​Galtozzy, @​aksinha334, @​barshaul, @​chayim, @​davemcphee, @​dvora-h, @​kristjanvalur, @​ryin1, @​sileht, @​thebarbershop, @​uglide, @​woutdenolf and @​zakaf



🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix #2581 UnixDomainSocketConnection object has no attribute _command_packer (#2583)


We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

... (truncated)


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Upgrade to Python 3.11

opened on 2023-02-04 15:37:23 by idris-rampurawala

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. This will update Python and its dependencies to the latest versions of Python 3.11

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