A telegram RSS feed reader bot, written using python and feedparser.

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A telegram RSS feed reader bot, made in python using feedparser.

# About A self-hosted telegram bot that dumps posts from a RSS feed to a telegram chat. This project is inspired by [BoKKeR](https://github.com/BoKKeR)'s telegram [bot](https://github.com/BoKKeR/RSS-to-Telegram-Bot) and [ayrat555](https://github.com/ayrat555)'s [el_monitorro](https://github.com/ayrat555/el_monitorro) bot written in Rust. >**Note**: *The previous version was a complete refactor of BoKKeR's code, which also addresses a couple of issues in his repo with many bug fixes and features of my own. They've been integrated with the current version. Head over to the [changelog](https://github.com/hyPnOtICDo0g/rss-chan/wiki/Changelog) section for more.* # Deploy Instructions to deploy to **Heroku** or **self-host** resides in the [wiki](https://github.com/hyPnOtICDo0g/rss-chan/wiki). # Usage The bot uses a `TITLE <-> URL` mechanism so that the user doesn't have to mess with the feed **URL** every time, instead use a **TITLE** to perform a task. >**Commands**: >• **/help**: To get the help message • **/list**: List your subscriptions • **/get** TITLE 10: Force fetch last n item(s) • **/sub** TITLE https://www.rss-url.com/feed: Subscribe to a RSS feed • **/unsub** TITLE: Removes the RSS subscription corresponding to it's title • **/unsuball**: Removes all subscriptions • **/template** TITLE TEMPLATE: Set a template to a specific RSS feed # Credits Projects used in the making: * [feedparser](https://github.com/kurtmckee/feedparser) * [psycopg2](https://github.com/psycopg/psycopg2) * [python-dotenv](https://github.com/theskumar/python-dotenv) * [python-telegram-bot](https://github.com/python-telegram-bot/python-telegram-bot) Others: * Repo logo designed by [mamewmy / Freepik](https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/young-girl-thinking-face-wondering-cartoon-illustration_11652601.htm) * RSS logo by [Freepik](https://www.freepik.com) from [Flaticon](https://www.flaticon.com/free-icon/rss_1051311)


[Feature Request] Migrate from RDBMS -> NoSQL

opened on 2022-12-30 16:51:18 by erickyun


Thank you for your great project. İt would be great if you could add Mongodb for DATABASE_URL

[Feature Request] Use a queuing system to support multiple chats

opened on 2022-08-20 15:43:29 by shifting-tides

Could you please add multiple groups support with an option of individual groups subscriptions management? Currently i have to run the same docker container for every individual channel i own.

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