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HydrOffice Sound Speed

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  • Code: GitHub repo <https://github.com/hydroffice/hyo2_soundspeed>_
  • Project page: url <https://www.hydroffice.org/soundspeed/>_
  • Download page: url <https://bitbucket.org/hydroffice/hyo_sound_speed_manager/downloads/>_
  • License: LGPLv2.1 or IA license (See Dual license <https://www.hydroffice.org/license_lgpl21/>_)

General Info

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HydrOffice is a research development environment for ocean mapping. Its aim is to provide a collection of hydro-packages to deal with specific issues in such a field, speeding up both algorithms testing and research-2-operation.

This package provides functionalities to manage sound speed profiles.

The package is jointly developed by NOAA OCS and UNH CCOM.

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Handle date format that is not US fromat (mm/dd/yyyy) but International Format (dd/mm/yyyy) in readers.

opened on 2021-06-30 21:21:57 by Shadoward


If the user export the data with a different date format that is not mm/dd/yyyy, the readers will not worked or convert the date wrongly.

Maybe add a user input option...

Improvement suggestion to import Argo drifters data

opened on 2020-10-16 13:05:26 by monocilindro

Argo drifters provide the required data to compute a vertical sound speed profile (T,S,P) , usually as txt or NetCDF files. (http://www.jcommops.org/board?t=argo ) That information could be used to extend or complement an onboard probe cast when surveying nearby a working Argo drifter.

Scale of plots in "Plots per Day"

opened on 2020-08-13 19:41:04 by Bustebartepinn

Possibillity to set a default scale to the plots axis, so every profile is scaled the same in the "Plots per Day" operation? Do this by manually inputting the values in the setup page so they will be the same for the whole project.


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