Telegram as your IRC client

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Telegram as your IRC client.


  • Tailored for using Telegram as your personal IRC client. This is not a group <=> channel forwarding bridge like many other projects.
  • Single Telegram Bot for Multiple IRC channels (with different Telegram groups)
  • Always online and search your IRC history with Telegram's builtin search.
  • Direct messages (/msg) and action (/me)
  • SASL Login
  • Password-protected IRC channels


  • aiogram (Telegram library)
  • pydle (IRC library)
  • tenacity
  • toml


  • Ask @BotFather for a Telegram bot, save its token
  • Copy telegramirc_example.toml to telegramirc.toml
  • Fill in an initial value (for example, 0) as telegram.fallback_chatid and comment out [channel.*]
  • Run telegramirc with your initial configuration (python
  • Talk to your bot on telegram, use /chatid to get your fallback chatid
  • Now for each channel you want to join, create a telegram group with you and your bot. Use /chatid inside the group for the corresponding chatid in [channel.*] sections below.


  • [ ] List online users in channel
  • [ ] DCC File transfer and other IRC extensions
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