A python wrapper for the mangadex API V5. Work in progress

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A python wrapper for the mangadex API V5. It uses the requests library and all the aditional arguments can be viewed in the Official Mangadex Documentation

Instaling the API


sh pip install --Upgrade mangadex

Installing via setuptools

sh python setup.py install --user

Using the API


import mangadex api = mangadex.Api() ```

Public Calls

Getting the latest manga

This is called mangalist in the documentation


manga_list = api.get_manga_list(limit = 1) #limits the query to return just one manga manga_list[Manga(manga_id = 0001183c-2089-48e9-96b7-d48db5f1a611, title = {'en': 'Eight'}, altTitles = [{'ja': '8οΌˆγ‚¨γ‚€γƒˆοΌ‰'}], description = {'en': 'Tokyo in the 90s, the city center has been suffering from a continuing depopulation. Also affected is the Udagawa Junior High School where only six people are left, as their class leader, protector and very good friend Masato just died in an illegal skateboarding race. Five months later Eito Hachiya, nickname: Eight or "8" enrolls in school and wants to find out what happened. He even just looks like Masato! But mysteries surround him: Why does he know all the other six? Why can’t they remember him? \n \nNote: Was cancelled after ~25% of volume 4, the epilogue consists of an alternative ending for Eight.'}, isLocked = False, links = {'al': '38734', 'ap': 'eight', 'kt': '17709', 'mu': '6521', 'amz': 'https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07WS2K894', 'mal': '8734', 'raw': 'https://csbs.shogakukan.co.jp/book?book_group_id=14478'}, originalLanguage = ja lastVolume = 4, lastChapter = 37.6, publicationDemographic = seinen, status = completed, year = 2000, contentRating = safe createdAt = 2018-02-04 21:32:02+00:00, uploadedAt = 2022-01-12 21:42:40+00:00), author_id = ['905aaced-1556-4925-bff0-14ea277fb0b1', '905aaced-1556-4925-bff0-14ea277fb0b1'], artist_id = [], cover_id = 51bf2e88-98ac-4fd7-afb5-80edff694d53 ```

You can also use the get_manga_list() method to search for manga.

The usage is like this


manga_list = api.get_manga_list(title = "You manga title here") ```

~~NOTE: The search rigth now is faulty but tahts is an api problem. At the moment the only parameters that work are: title, limit and offset~~

The search is now working so the above is no longer true

Getting a manga by its id


manga = api.view_manga_by_id(manga_id = "0001183c-2089-48e9-96b7-d48db5f1a611") ```

Random manga


random_manga = api.random_manga() ```

Manga Feed

Get the chapter, or chapters from the feed of a specific manga.


manga_feed = api.manga_feed(manga_id = "0001183c-2089-48e9-96b7-d48db5f1a611", limit = 1) [Chapter(chapter_id = 015979c8-ffa4-4afa-b48e-3da6d10279b0, title = Navel-Gazing, volume = 3, chapter = 23.0, translatedLanguage = en, hash = data = List[filenames], publishAt = 2018-03-19 01:32:00+00:00, createdAt = 2018-03-19 01:32:00+00:00, uploadedAt = 2018-03-19 01:32:00+00:00, group_id = 59957a04-fa91-4099-921d-7e7988a19acb, manga_id = 0001183c-2089-48e9-96b7-d48db5f1a611, uploader = e19519ce-8c5f-4d7c-8280-704a87d34429)] ```

Get manga volumnes and chapters

Get a manga volumes and chapters


api.get_manga_volumes_and_chapters(manga_id = "the manga id") ```

Get Chapter

Returns a Chpater Object by its id


chapter = api.get_chapter(chapter_id = "015979c8-ffa4-4afa-b48e-3da6d10279b0") chapter Chapter(chapter_id = 015979c8-ffa4-4afa-b48e-3da6d10279b0, title = Navel-Gazing, volume = 3, chapter = 23.0, translatedLanguage = en, hash = data = List[filenames], publishAt = 2018-03-19 01:32:00+00:00, createdAt = 2018-03-19 01:32:00+00:00, uploadedAt = 2018-03-19 01:32:00+00:00, group_id = 59957a04-fa91-4099-921d-7e7988a19acb, manga_id = 0001183c-2089-48e9-96b7-d48db5f1a611, uploader = e19519ce-8c5f-4d7c-8280-704a87d34429) ```

Chapter List

It will return a list of chapters


chapter_list = api.chapter_list() ```

If you want the chpaters of a given Manga, you'll need to specify the feed endpoints

Chapter Images

Return the links for the chapter images for a given Chapter Object. This is a Chapter method


Chapter.fetch_chapter_images() ```

Get User

Get a User by id


user = api.get_user(user_id = "id of user") ```

Tag List

The list of the manga tags


tag_list = api.tag_list() ```

Get scanlation group list

Get a Scanlation Group list


api.scanlation_group_list() ```

Cover Images List

Get the cover image list


api.get_coverart_list() ```

Get Cover by Id


api.get_cover(cover_id = "the cover id") ```

Edit Cover


api.edit_cover(cover_id = "the cover id", description = "the cover description, can be null", volume = "the volume number", version = "int, the cover version") ```

Get cover image link


CoverArt.fetch_cover_image() ```

This is a CoverArt method that returns the cover image url of that object

Create account

To create an account


api.create_account(username = "your username", password = "your password", email = "[email protected]", ObjReturn = False) ```

This will send you an activation code, this is the one to pass to activate_account.


api.acticate_account(code = "the code sent") ```

If you need another activation code:


api.resend_activation_code(email = "[email protected]") ```

Account recovery

To recover and account


api.recover_account(email = "[email protected]") ```

This will send you and activation code that you need


api.complete_account_recover(code = "the code sent to you", newPassword = "the new password for the account") ```

Private Calls


Method to login to the website


api.login(username = USERNAME, password = PASSWORD) ```

It is recomended that you add this values to you path for security reasons.

Your User Info

Get your user info


my_user = api.me() ```

Get Logged User Followed Manga List

Get your manga follow list!


follow_list = api.get_my_mangalist() ```

This functions, as well as most of the other ones accept optional parameters. This are:

  • limit : limits the amout of results. It accepts a value between 1 and 100, the default if 10
  • offset : Makes an offset of the velue provided to the list. Accepts values >= 0

Get Logged User Followed Groups

Get the list of the Scanlination group you follow!


scangroups_followlist = api.get_my_followed_groups() ```

Get Logged User Followed Users

The list of the users you follow


followed_users = api.get_my_followed_users() ```

Get chapters marked as read from a manga

Get a list of the capters marked as read for a given manga


read_chapters = api.get_manga_read_markes(id = "the manga id") ```

Get all followed manga reading status

Get a list of the all the manga reading stauts


my_manga_reading_stauts = api.get_all_manga_reading_status() ```

Get a specific manga reading status

Get the reading status of a specific manga


manga_reading_status = api.get_manga_reading_status(manga_id = "the manga id") ```

Update Manga reading status


api.update_manga_reading_status(manga_id = "the manga id", status = "the new reading status") ```

The status parameter can take the following values: "reading" "on_hold" "plan_to_read" "dropped" "re_reading" "completed"

Follow a manga

Follow a manga


api.follow_manga(manga_id = "the manga id") ```

Unfollow a manga

Unfollows a manga


api.unfollow_manga(manga_id = "the manga id") ```

Create manga

Creates a manga


api.create_manga(title = "manga title", ) ```

Update Manga

Updates a manga


api.update_manga(manga_id = "the manga id") ```

Delete Manga

Deletes manga


api.delete_manga(manga_id = "the manga id") ```

Add manga to custom list

Add a manga to a custom list


api.add_manga_to_customlist(manga_id = "the manga id", list_id = "the list id") ```

Remove a manga from custom list

Removes a manga from a custom list


api.remove_manga_from_customlist(id = "the manga id", listId = "the list id") ```

Create a custom list


api.create_customlist() #this will create a custom list with no special parameters ```

Query parameters

  • name. The custom list name
  • visibility. The visibility of the custom list. Default public
  • manga. The list of manga ids

Get custom list


api.get_customlist(id = "th custom list id") ```

Update custom list


api.update_customlist(id = "the custom list id") ```

Query parameters

  • name. The custom list name
  • visibility. Values : "public" "private"

Delete custom list


api.delete_customlist(id = "the custom list id") ```

Get User Custom list


api.get_user_customlists(id = "the user id") ```


  • limit. The limit of custom lists to return
  • offset. The amout of offset

Create Author


api.create_author(name = "author name", version = 1, ObjReturn = False) ```

Update Author


api.update_author(id = "the author id", version = "int with the version", name = "author's name", ObjReturn = False) ```

Delete Author


api.delete_author(id = "the author id") ```


All the credit for the API goes to the Mangadex Team.


Fetch chapter images bug?

opened on 2022-03-21 16:01:23 by MKS2045

So i have a problem with the fetchchapterimages method that throws me a typeerror exception: image

image I dont know if i am doing something not correctly or something, thanks in advance PD: I am new as python developer


opened on 2021-05-31 08:07:35 by WSrujan

Does it supports account creation?


Fixed __future__ must be at beginning of file 2022-01-22 17:56:17

There was an issue mentioned in #12 and #13, that caused a syntax error, while this was fixed in the repo, this fix didn't make it to the PyPI probably causing the package was not usable. This release is meant to push the fix to the PyPI so the package continues to be usable.

Full Changelog: https://github.com/EMACC99/mangadex/compare/v2.5.1...v2.5.2

2.5.1 2022-01-13 04:22:39

Model refractoring for ease of use and reading 2021-12-04 18:02:42

In this release, the models have been refactored in a way that the alternate constructors are now @classmethods and now more easy to read and the definition of now public and private methods are well defined. An important change to note is that some arguments have changed, all the ids are now something like: manga_id, user_id, etc. This si to avoid conflict with the reserved keyword id n python and to have a more self-explanatory code.

PyPI stuff 2021-09-26 23:12:28

I need to create this release as a pypi error keeps popping up

Improvements and error fixing 2021-09-26 18:14:59

In this release,the function get_customlist_mangafedd() is no longer supported.

ApiError now has a more detailed error message.

KeyError exceptions were found in some other functions that no issues were open for.

This all was spotted because of the increased tests that were implemented recently.

As always if you want to contribute, you can do so by opening an issue o doing a PR.

KeyError fixing 2021-09-25 00:17:56

Fixed KeyError reported in #11. This is a minor release but contains an urgent bug fix. Doing some investigations, it seems this error was caused by some changes in the server response, nothing too serious.

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