Sample code for the NetCloud Manager API

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Sample code using the NetCloud Manager API for key use cases

How To Try

Setup a python virtual environment

python3 -m venv .venv
. .venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Setup your keys in your environment

You need to create API keys in NCM to use these scripts so they can access your NCM account. To make them available to the script, set them in the environment, for example:

export X_CP_API_ID=b89a24a3
export X_CP_API_KEY=4b1d77fe271241b1cfafab993ef0891d
export X_ECM_API_ID=c71b3e68-33f5-4e69-9853-14989700f204
export X_ECM_API_KEY=f1ca6cd41f326c00e23322795c063068274caa30

(These are not valid keys, get your own from the NCM site!)

Running the examples

Remember to enter your virtual environment again if you are in a new terminal and to export your keys (see above).

. .venv/bin/activate

Enter the examples directory:

cd examples

Run the example scripts. They will provide usage information if you use the --help option. For instance:

./ --help

Specific examples are described below.

Getting GPS data for a router for the last day

Getting GPS data for all routers in your account for the last day



opened on 2023-03-17 00:05:29 by phate999 None

Repository could benefit from being a Python package.

opened on 2023-01-25 22:44:32 by gregtkogut

This repository could benefit from being a Python package using or pyproject.toml.

This way when following the directions on the main README, there could be one extra step to install the package, e.g.

pip install -e /location/of/api-samples

Then the samples could be run pretty seamlessly, and modified in-place with key changes, etc. As it is when trying to run the sample I had to manually modify the PYTHONPATH so that the internally-defined monitoring.utils.session package could be correctly imported by Python within the virtual environment.

I could supply a PR if this idea seems good. It's not a big deal, would just make quick operation of the samples a little easier and quicker.