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I have flashed my 1C with Valetudo, and suggest you do the same 🙂


custom component for Vacuum 1C STYTJ01ZHM (dreame.vacuum.mc1808). Rough around the edges, not all the commands work, not all attributes set up. Needs a clean up.

Zone cleaning now works!

Using https://github.com/rytilahti/python-miio for the protocol.

Two possibilities for installation : - Manually : add the "xiaomi_vacuum" folder to the /config/custom_components folder ; reboot - With HACS : go in HACS, click on Integrations, click on the three little dots at top of the screen and selection "custom repositories", add this github url, select "Integration" as repository, and click ADD. Then go to the Integrations tab of HACS, and install the "Xiaomi 1C STYTJ01ZHM" integration.

Code to add to configuration.yaml : vacuum: - platform: xiaomi_vacuum host: <ip> token: "<token>" name: <name> To retrieve the token, follow the default integration instructions.

Works with https://github.com/denysdovhan/vacuum-card


Xiaomi 1C not working after last HA update

opened on 2022-01-20 17:20:23 by lupus2k

After the last update, the vacuum showed some errors on the Home Assistant LOG, and the status of the device is all NULL. I double-checked the token and the IP address.

This is the error the LOG shows:

``` This error originated from a custom integration.

Logger: custom_components.xiaomi_vacuum.miio.device Source: custom_components/xiaomi_vacuum/miio/device.py:218 Integration: Xiaomi Vacuum (documentation) First occurred: 2:14:24 PM (6 occurrences) Last logged: 2:15:04 PM

Unable to request properties [{'did': 'battery', 'siid': 2, 'piid': 1}, {'did': 'state', 'siid': 2, 'piid': 2}, {'did': 'error', 'siid': 3, 'piid': 1}, {'did': 'status', 'siid': 3, 'piid': 2}, {'did': 'brush_left_time', 'siid': 26, 'piid': 1}, {'did': 'brush_life_level', 'siid': 26, 'piid': 2}, {'did': 'filter_life_level', 'siid': 27, 'piid': 1}, {'did': 'filter_left_time', 'siid': 27, 'piid': 2}, {'did': 'brush_left_time2', 'siid': 28, 'piid': 1}, {'did': 'brush_life_level2', 'siid': 28, 'piid': 2}, {'did': 'operating_mode', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 1}, {'did': 'area', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 3}, {'did': 'timer', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 2}, {'did': 'fan_speed', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 6}] Unable to request properties [{'did': 'last_clean', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 13}, {'did': 'total_clean_count', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 14}, {'did': 'total_area', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 15}, {'did': 'total_log_start', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 16}, {'did': 'button_led', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 17}, {'did': 'clean_success', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 18}, {'did': 'water_level', 'siid': 18, 'piid': 20}, {'did': 'life_sieve', 'siid': 19, 'piid': 1}, {'did': 'life_brush_side', 'siid': 19, 'piid': 2}, {'did': 'life_brush_main', 'siid': 19, 'piid': 3}, {'did': 'dnd_enabled', 'siid': 20, 'piid': 1}, {'did': 'dnd_start_time', 'siid': 20, 'piid': 2}, {'did': 'dnd_stop_time', 'siid': 20, 'piid': 3}, {'did': 'map_view', 'siid': 23, 'piid': 1}] Unable to request properties [{'did': 'audio_volume', 'siid': 24, 'piid': 1}, {'did': 'audio_language', 'siid': 24, 'piid': 3}, {'did': 'timezone', 'siid': 25, 'piid': 1}] ```

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