Code repo for "Implicit Transformer Network for Screen ContentImage Continuous Super-Resolution" (NeurIPS'21)

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Code repo for "Implicit Transformer Network for Screen Content Image Continuous Super-Resolution"


Can you provide the test configuration

opened on 2023-01-01 16:54:56 by Meow-2 requires a configuration file in a specific format to run

SCI1K-compression JPEG compression quality factor

opened on 2022-04-04 05:22:07 by Byeong-Hyun

Hi, I have a question about SCI1K-compression dataset.

Your paper stated that the quality factor of JPEG compression is randomly selected from 75, 85, and 95.

However, in and, the code for quality factor is commented out as "qf = random.randrange(10, 75)".

I think that to follow the statement in paper, "qf = random.randrange(75, 96, 10)" is right code.

What code did you use for training and testing on SCI1K-compression?