A Tmux plugin to open file links from the terminal in vim

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Tmux Super Fingers Tmux Super Fingers

A tmux "mode" that allows you to open file links in an $EDITOR, urls in the browser and more.

Demo https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/23721/127735461-e716cca9-c6e4-46b9-97d1-05bc7f84e00c.mp4


Tmux fingers plugin introduced the "fingers" mode, where particularly looking chunks of text (e.g. file paths) are highlighted and assigned a character "mark". When user hits the mark key, the highlighted text gets copied to clipboard.

Super Fingers builds upon this idea. Notably:

  • it opens files in a terminal $EDITOR running elsewhere within the same tmux session*
  • only files paths that actually exist are highlighted
  • it opens files at line number
  • text that isn't a file path, but maps onto one (e.g. UsersController#show in rails log or +++ b/app/models/user.rb in a diff) is also highlighted
  • different types of marks are actioned differently: text files are sent to editor, urls and image files - to OS open.***
  • works across all panes in a window
  • can be invoked while scrolling up
  • handles multiline marks (wrapping)

* currently this behavior only works for (n)vim - everything else is sent to OS open.
* if no running terminal $EDITOR is found in the session, plugin attempts to start one in a new window.
* code is designed in such a way that it should be easy to add new types of marks/actions.

Secondary action

Pressing space toggles "secondary" mode. In this mode, mark is copied to clipboard.


Requires Python >= 3.9.

Using TPM:

set -g @plugin 'artemave/tmux_super_fingers'

Hit prefix + I to fetch and source the plugin.


Clone the repo:

git clone https://github.com/artemave/tmux_super_fingers.git ~/.tmux/plugins/tmux_super_fingers

Source it in your .tmux.conf:

run-shell ~/.tmux/plugins/tmux_super_fingers/tmux_super_fingers.tmux

Reload TMUX conf by running:

tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf



Customize how to enter fingers mode. Always preceded by prefix: prefix + @super-fingers-key. Defaults to f.

set -g @super-fingers-key f

Custom actions

Requires writing some python code.

There are different types of mark targets (e.g. text file target, url target). Each target type has a primary and a secondary action. You can supply a python file that changes default actions for target types.

For example, the following code changes primary action to open files in vscode and secondary action to send them to vim:

```python3 import os from .targets.file_target import FileTarget from .actions.send_to_vim_in_tmux_pane_action import SendToVimInTmuxPaneAction from .actions.action import Action from .targets.target_payload import EditorOpenable

class SendToVsCodeAction(Action): def init(self, target_payload: EditorOpenable): self.target_payload = target_payload

def perform(self):
    path = self.target_payload.file_path

    if self.target_payload.line_number:
        path += f':{self.target_payload.line_number}'

    os.system(f'code -g {path}')

FileTarget.primary_action = SendToVsCodeAction FileTarget.secondary_action = SendToVimInTmuxPaneAction ```

You can also define new action types. See existing actions for details.

Now let's plug it in:

set -g @super-fingers-extend /path/to/the/above/code.py


Prerequisites: python3, pipenv, node, make

git clone https://github.com/artemave/tmux_super_fingers.git cd tmux_super_fingers pipenv install --dev npm install

Run checks and tests:



The plugin relies on EDITOR variable being set. However, it has been observed that under some circumstances (I can't figure out what they are) tmux does not inherit environment when it starts and so the plugin code runs, EDITOR is missing and nothing works. Running tmux set-environment -g EDITOR $EDITOR later fixes it, but I can't figure out how to automate this.

One (untested) workaround could be to alias tmux like this:

alias tmux="tmux && tmux set-environment -g EDITOR $EDITOR"


  • [x] generic, configurable/pluggable way to send highlited text to arbitrary action (not just vim and xdg-open)
  • [ ] search marks
  • [x] secondary action
  • [x] configurable @super-fingers-key
  • [x] create vim window if there are none in the session
  • [x] extract untested code into tested packages
  • [x] python stack traces (line numbers)
  • [x] handle image files


Using tmux_super_fingers to open directories

opened on 2023-03-20 08:14:06 by mareksubocz


Would it be possible to use this script to open directories using default application, just like all the files? I thought about just submitting a PR extending the regexes, but I'm not sure how you would go about it and didn't want to potentially pollute your code.

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