List of competitions for competitive programming

aropan, updated 🕥 2023-02-25 04:09:09

Run locally

You need python3 (more fresher is better, tested on 3.10) and docker (with docker-compose v2).

  • Clone fork with --recursive: git clone --recursive [email protected]:aropan/clist.git cd clist

  • Set default variables and build dev container (you can always press Enter and leave the defaults as they are): python3 ./

  • Run dev container: docker-compose up --build dev

  • Open http://localhost:10042/ and enjoy.


query /api/v2/coder, the username paramter can only be myself, otherwise 401 error

opened on 2023-03-27 19:00:42 by hiaatcnd

It is successful on the web page, but the request fail

image image

Total number of participants in Leetcode weekly contest 377 is showing wrong.

opened on 2023-03-20 02:01:14 by RajKumarRay

In first question Itself , the total number of accepted users is >12k. then How the number of participants will be 5k only. Please have a look at this.

Outdated LeetCode Rankings

opened on 2023-03-17 15:14:27 by samyak1409

LeetCode keeps updating their rankings till nearly a week after the end of a contest, so please set to fetch the rankings after a week or so, so that rankings are not outdated.

See the outdated rankings:

Screenshot () Screenshot ()

Can I add more websites to resources?

opened on 2022-09-01 03:57:30 by chinesedfan

Like contributing a plugin or somehow? Thanks.

Feature Request - Allow users to mark problems, contests etc as fav

opened on 2022-08-12 15:45:17 by l3456

Clist is the best to track our progress across multiple sites, but I guess it's mostly read only.

I would love to see a feature where users can interact with problems, contests etc. like allowing users to mark a problem as favourite, todo, solved and maybe add some info around it like adding a note or personal tags.

At the very least, allowing users to mark a problem as already solved would be very useful as currently clist doesn't detect solves correctly across all sites.

Feature request: Verfication step to add account

opened on 2022-08-12 11:40:23 by michelececcacci

I think it would be pretty nice to add a simple verification step (like generating some hash) and telling the user to insert it in its bio, instead of letting anyone claim an account that can possibly belong to someone else.