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PrettyPins is designed to create lovely pinout diagrams.

KB2040 pinout diagram


The following is a list of required software and files necessary to run PrettyPins: * A local clone of the PrettyPins repository * The Fritzing object file for the board for which you are generating a diagram (available here) * An SVG editor, such as InkScape (free and available for all major OS's) or Illustrator (not free, and not available for all major OS's) * Python 3 installed on your machine * A local clone of the CircuitPython repository (for boards that support CircuitPython) * The latest Arduino core for the board-type you're working with installed on your machine (for boards that support Arduino) * pip install the following libraries (in a virtual environment or otherwise): * click * lxml * svgutils * svgwrite * xmltodict

Running PrettyPins

  1. Place the Fritzing object file in the PrettyPins directory.
  2. Run the PrettyPins command as shown below.
  3. In the case of Arduino support, you must run the command TWICE for the Arduino pins to show up.
  4. Open the output.svg and pinlabels.svg files into your SVG editor.
  5. Save the output.svg file as something else, such as the name of the board you're diagramming.
  6. In Illustrator, when you "Save as", click "Ok", (and "Yes" to replacing the file if it already exists), then, under "Advanced Options", change "CSS Properties" to "Presentation Attributes". and "Decimal Places" to "4". Then, click Ok.
  7. Copy the different seconds of labels out of pinlabels.svg into your working board file, and arrange them properly.
  8. For pins that are not easily accessible (such as NeoPixels or displays), either draw extra lines to the pin location, or create an icon for the pin next to the board and attach the labels to that.
  9. If you are replacing an old diagram (as with many of the ATtiny boards), include any notes from the original diagram in the new one.
  10. Verify the pin label layout with Kattni by providing a screenshot of your working board file.
  11. Finalise the diagram with the pin legend, any text blocks and the title/URL.
  12. Save the SVG as follows:
    • In Illustrator, do "Save as", click "Ok", (and "Yes" to replacing the file if it already exists), then, under "Advanced Options", change "CSS Properties" to "Presentation Attributes". and "Decimal Places" to "4". Then, click Ok.
    • In Inkscape, save the file.
  13. Finally, save the file as both a PDF and a PNG as well.

Upload Files

Once you have an SVG, PDF and PNG, you need to upload them to the following locations, and link to them where indicated.


  1. The PNG gets added to the Pinouts page of the guide, rendered, immediately below the board image at the top of the page.


  1. Upload to the board-specific EagleCAD PCB file repository on GitHub.
  2. Link under "Files:" on the Downloads page in the applicable board guide.
  3. Link on the Pinouts page in the applicable board guide (under the rendered PNG of the diagram).


  1. Upload the SVG to Learn as a file using Media > Upload, under the "Files" section on the Downloads page. Title the file "PrettyPins SVG for Board Name".

Example PrettyPins Command Structure by Board Type

These are some examples of what the PrettyPins commandline command looks like, based on board chip type. More to be added soon!


ATMega328 does not support CircuitPython.

python3 "Adafruit Metro Mini.fzpz" None atmega328pins.csv -s "^IO([0-9])" "D\1"


ATtiny8x does not support CircuitPython.

python "Adafruit Trinket 3V.fzpz" None attiny8xpins.csv


RP2040 does not have official Arduino support (yet).

python3 "Adafruit Feather RP2040.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/raspberrypi/boards/adafruit_feather_rp2040/pins.c rp2040pins.csv

python3 "Adafruit ItsyBitsy RP2040.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/raspberrypi/boards/adafruit_itsybitsy_rp2040/pins.c rp2040pins.csv

python3 "Adafruit QT Py RP2040.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/raspberrypi/boards/adafruit_qtpy_rp2040/pins.c rp2040pins.csv


python3 "Adafruit Feather ESP32-S2.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/espressif/boards/adafruit_feather_esp32s2/pins.c esp32s2pins.csv

python3 "Adafruit Metro ESP32-S2.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/espressif/boards/adafruit_metro_esp32s2/pins.c esp32s2pins.csv -s "^D([0-9])" "IO\1"

python3 "Adafruit MagTag 2.9in.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/espressif/boards/adafruit_magtag_2.9_grayscale/pins.c esp32s2pins.csv -s "^D([0-9])" "IO\1"

python3 "Adafruit FunHouse.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/espressif/boards/adafruit_funhouse/pins.c esp32s2pins.csv -s "^D([0-9])" "IO\1"


python3 "Adafruit QT Py ESP32 Pico.fzpz" None -a ../../ArduinoSketches/hardware/espressif/esp32/variants/adafruit_qtpy_esp32 esp32pins.csv

python3 "Adafruit ESP32 Feather V2.fzpz" None -a ../../ArduinoSketches/hardware/espressif/esp32/variants/adafruit_feather_esp32_v2 esp32pins.csv

python3 "Adafruit HUZZAH32 ESP32 Feather.fzpz" None -a ../../ArduinoSketches/hardware/espressif/esp32/variants/feather_esp32 esp32pins.csv


python3 "Adafruit Feather nRF52840.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/nrf/boards/feather_nrf52840_express/pins.c nrf52840pins.csv -a ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/adafruit/hardware/nrf52/0.20.5/variants/feather_nrf52840_express

python3 "Adafruit ItsyBitsy nRF52840.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/nrf/boards/itsybitsy_nrf52840_express/pins.c nrf52840pins.csv -a ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/adafruit/hardware/nrf52/0.20.5/variants/itsybitsy_nrf52840_express

python3 "Adafruit nRF52840 CLUE.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/nrf/boards/clue_nrf52840_express/pins.c nrf52840pins.csv -a ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/adafruit/hardware/nrf52/0.20.5/variants/clue_nrf52840


python3 "Adafruit Feather M0 Express.fzpz" path/to/circuitpython/ports/atmel-samd/boards/feather_m0_express/pins.c samd21pins.csv -a ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/adafruit/hardware/samd/variants/feather_m0


Adding draft iMX CSV

opened on 2023-03-07 22:19:17 by BlitzCityDIY

Adding a draft iMX CSV with columns for ARMDEBUG and ADC1 for checking

PA09 Sercom2 entry is wrong for SAMD21

opened on 2023-01-20 22:49:03 by WestfW

The PA09 Sercom2 entry says it is Pad0, but it is actually pad 1. See This apparently also causes the "pretty" pinout diagram to be wrong.

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